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Results Based Strategy + Relationship Based Approach + Expertise Based Innovation

We were founded on the principle of creating “win-win” situations. Since our launch, Growth Hacker Media has fostered an environment conducive to integrity, innovation, and growth for both clients and our company alike. 

Our Vision

Growth Hacker Media Co was founded by two childhood friends with a deep-rooted passion for digital marketing and serving others. 

From dreams of delivering innovative business solutions, to successfully providing industry leading services to an array of companies, we are an example of how strategy, knowledge, and execution combine to reach success. Beginning with social media growth and management, progressing to web design and search engine optimization, and evolving into a full-service marketing solutions brand, we are proud to continue providing expert marketing plans and strategy. 

With our custom platforms, proven strategy, and competent team members, Growth Hacker Media is making it even easier for our clients to receive the optimal services for their needs.


Our Awesome Team

Eddie McCray

Eddie McCray

President & Co-Founder

As President and Co-Founder, Edwin “Eddie” McCray brings a unique blend of business, leadership, and sales experience and strategy to Growth Hacker Media Co. Eddie has helped operate 3 successful businesses while achieving multiple awards as a medical student regarding leadership, dedication, and service to the community. He is dedicated to producing measurable growth, based on statistics and analytics, in the form of revenue, profits, and ROI.

Eddie’s Mission is to provide a blend of integrity, personalization, and diligence in a manner that mutually provides growth and results for all parties involved in every service provided.

Ian Thompson

Ian Thompson

CEO & Co-Founder

As CEO of Growth Hacker Media Co., Ian is one of the area’s most desired digital solutions strategist. Formally trained in marketing and experienced in running multiple successful companies, Ian has helped companies in industries from manufacturing to interior design to healthcare reach their desired results. Ian has authored industry related articles and been an industry speaker at events, including the Marketing Roundtable event by Success Guild.

Ian’s Mission is to help businesses grow by using a systematic approach to marketing and sales.

Krizia Garcia

Krizia Garcia

Media Buyer

Particularly distinguished in audience-targeted advertising to convey a marketing message. A proven track record of excellence in selecting winning demographics related to our clients’ key performance indicator (KPI)

Tarun Bhola

Tarun Bhola

Web Development Manager

 From web architecture (front and back end) to development and maintenance of servers and databases, Tarun is a multi-dimensional asset. His work has directly contributed to countless projects, via website design, project planning, and implementation of technical solutions.

Ivy Pickard

Ivy Pickard

Marketing Coordinator

As our leader in marketing campaign strategy, Ivy coordinates marketing and advertising campaigns with a focus on accomplishing measurable milestones. Her expertise lies in analytics, which contributes to tracking of sales data, database maintainence, and calculated adjustments regarding marketing campaigns.

Our Values

We take pride in fostering an environment that encourages growth, success, and longevity.


To provide long-lasting partnerships. All successful partnerships are built on a foundation of strong, ethical relationships.


To provide advanced strategy using current technology. Change is inevitable, but we are committed to staying progressive to continue to provide the best service possible


To provide personalized expertise aimed at producing maximum results. Success is futile without consistency, so we focus on producing our best at all times.


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